• Image for We have secured tickets for the football match Croatia – Spain!

    We have secured tickets for the football match Croatia – Spain!

    7 November

    For fans of football coming this year to Meeting G2.4. two great things have matched:

    • The day after the end of the meeting, on Thursday, November 15, in Zagreb, the football match in the League of Nations will be played by Croatia and Spain,
    • Organizing Committee MG2.4 secured 25 tickets for fans of Croatian nationals coming from abroad
    We believe that this news has made you happy as much as us, because after two main days at the Conference and trip to Lika on Wednesday, your will be able to spice up your time in Croatia with a sports spectacle and watch live world soccer stars, including the best football player in the world - Luka Modrić. We thank the Croatian Football Association for co-operation and we look forward to the upcoming match. Go Vatreni!

  • Image for There are business people from 15 countries at the Conference

    There are business people from 15 countries at the Conference

    7 November

    There are only a few days left before the beginning of the new Meeting G2. Applications are still arriving, and up to now the arrival has been confirmed by business people of Croatian origin from 16 countries, and of course from Croatia. We have already informed that the largest delegations are coming from Australia and Austria with more than 20 participants, and the rest of the participants are coming from the USA, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, France, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hertzegovina and New Zealand. We are particularly happy to receive the participants Steven Pavletić and Tomislav Topić on behalf of the Association of Croatian-American Experts (ACAP) and Croatian diaspora from South America (LatAm), who will present the conclusions of their conferences which were held in October. We are happy about new participants, and it will be especially interesting on the first day when the participants will briefly introduce themselves during the session Who is Who in G2. After that session informal gathering is on the program, ideal for sharing experiences and business ideas. You can learn more about this year’s program at Meeting G2.4. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and realize new business projects. Sign up at the Conference online.

  • Image for Panel on blockain industry in Croatia

    Panel on blockain industry in Croatia

    31 October

    There are less than two weeks left until the next Meeting G2! We are organizing many interesting panels, and this year we are turning to new technologies through “Blockchain and Croatia – projects and initiatives” panel. The Blockchain industry has reached its peak one year ago, and there were also several interesting projects in Croatia. Some of the Meeting G2 panelists have invested in blockchain projects and they will share with the assistants information about the latest world trends, and they will discuss the potential returns on investments. The following presenters will participate in this panel: crypto investor Hrvoje Prpić, Bruno Škvorc from Bitfalls, Nikola Škorić from, Nikica Tomašić, Crib Consulting and Vedran Kajić, Cryptotask ICO. Take the opportunity to network with business people from Croatia and from numerous world countries! You can have more information about this year’s program at Meeting G2.4.  Register for the Conference online.

  • Image for Nenad Bakić at Meeting G2.4. – Find out how the STEM revolution came to be.

    Nenad Bakić at Meeting G2.4. – Find out how the STEM revolution came to be.

    31 October

    We will hear at Meeting G2.4. from first hand about numerous successful projects in Croatia and in the world. After as many as 7 panels about different industries, on Tuesday, November 13th, at the end of the day we will have the opportunity to learn more about one of the most noticed projects in Croatia in the last two years. Nenad Bakić, entrepreneur, investor and philantropist will tell you about Croatian Makers project through which STEM activities are introduced into the educational institutions and local communities. The project was launched through the Institute for Development and Innovativeness of Young People (IRIM) and it currently includes 100,000 children. These children have received micro:bit devices in more than 1,000 educational institutions around the country for study of computing. At the same time the Croatian Makers robotic league has been initiated. It includes more than 550 schools where children study about new technologies using 2,750 donated robots. Join us and learn how one idea of one entrepeneur has produced what we in our Croatia nowadays call the STEM revolution. Do not miss this year’s Meeting G2 and register online.

  • Image for Intervju: Mara Vitols Hrgetić o predstojećoj Konferenciji Meeting G2.4.

    Intervju: Mara Vitols Hrgetić o predstojećoj Konferenciji Meeting G2.4.

    31 October

    Poslovni dnevnik je 31. listopada objavio intervju s Marom Vitols Hrgetić, članicom Upravnog odbora Meeting G2. U intervjuu „Hrvatska treba u inozemstvu otvoriti urede sa stručnjacima koji bi pomagali našim poduzetnicima u jačanju izvoza“ gđa. Hrgetić govori o potencijalima naše zemlje i važnosti povezivanja hrvatske dijaspore i poslovnih ljudi u zemlji.

    Od 12. do 14. studenog Forum Zagreb će biti domaćin četvrtom izdanju Konferencije Meeting G2.4. Pogled u budućnost na kojoj sudionike očekuje mnoštvo panela i zanimljivog sadržaja. Dosad je na konferencijama sudjelovalo više od 550 poslovnih ljudi iz čak 26 zemalja svijeta. Mnogi od njih su ostvarili vrijedne poslovne kontakte, a kako naglašava gđa. Hrgetić  kao posljedica uspostavljenih kontakata na Meeting G2 konferencijama pripremaju se ili su već započeti projekti poslovnih ljudi iz više država s  hrvatskim tvrtkama iz prehrambene industrije, poljoprivrednog sektora i sektora usluga.

    Iako je jedan od ciljeva Konferencije poslovno umrežavanje, u intervjuu se ističe kako je uočena krucijalna važnost gospodarskih komora u pojedinim zemljama u poticanju poduzetnika za ulaganje u Hrvatsku kao i za pomaganje našim poduzetnicima pri izvozu. „Zato smo ove godine još više usmjereni na komunikaciju s komorama, a to je između ostalog i razlog zašto organiziramo panel o pozitivnom primjeru Australsko-hrvatskih gospodarskih komora“, kaže gđa. Vitols Hrgetić.

    Više možete pročitati u intervjuu o predstojećoj Konferenciji Meeting G2.4 Pogled u budućnost.

  • Image for Forest can be important! Come to the panel about the innovative design in Croatian forestry industry

    Forest can be important! Come to the panel about the innovative design in Croatian forestry industry

    26 October

    This year there will be a panel on “Forest and wood industry in the Republic of Croatia” at this year’s Meeting G2.4. It is about business field that has a rich and old tradition in Croatia, as well as a huge potential. Although it is a widespread opinion that most of the industry is oriented only to the processing of raw materials, that is not true at all. Local wood industry employs as much as 10 percent of the total number of employees in the Republic of Croatia and it offers space to create added value, especially in the process of branding its own final product. In that proces Slavonian oak, a name known by all experts around the world, can certanly have an important role. We are frankly happy that there are increasingly more companies in Croatia that understand that concept. In this panel we will have exactly them – the representatives of companies that have offerred innovation design and achieved international success. We will also discuss forest management, and all that must be done to obtain the best quality wood for excellent furniture. Learn more about panelists from this panel and about the complete this year’s program  at Meeting G2.4 Sign up for theConference online and take the unique opportunity for business netrworking! Perhaps you will meet business partners just at Meeting G2.4 with whom you will conquer the

  • Image for Opportunity for business networking – the biggest delegations are arriving from Australia and Austria

    Opportunity for business networking – the biggest delegations are arriving from Australia and Austria

    26 October

    e haved the pleasure to host big delegations from Australia and Austria at this year’s Meeting G2.4. Australia leads every year in the number of business people who come to establish business connections. The representatives of three out of a total of four Australian-Croatian chambers of commerce that operate in that big country – continent are coming to visit us this year. Thus, we will host Mr. David Jakić, President of Australian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce New South Wales, Mr. Luka Jurčević, President of West Australia-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Stjepan Antunovic, Vice President of Victorian Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Numerous Croats will arrive this year from much closer Austria, as the Austro-Croatian Chamber of Commerce has made a big step forward in recent months to promote the cooperation of diaspora and business people from the homeland. Austria has a powerful cluster of delicatessen products that will certainly be interesting for the delicatessen producers from Croatia who want to establish business connections abroad. Do not miss this opportunity to establish new business contacts that may result in mutually beneficial  cooperation. If you have been unsuccessfull for a while to look for partners to export your products to Australia and to Austria, this is the perfect opportunity – both Australia and Austria are coming to you for a  meeting! Sign up for the Conference On-line. We hereby want to apologize for not having mentioned the arrival of all Australian-Croatian chambers of commerce representatives to this year’s Conference in our previous Newsletter.

  • Image for Examples from practica: We introduce Australian-Croatian  Chamber of Commerce

    Examples from practica: We introduce Australian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce

    17 October

    The Australian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active chambers of our diaspora in the world and it  has achieved excellent results over the last few years. Only in 2016 exports to Australia grew by almost 50%. Therefore, at Meeting G2.4. November 13, we will have a panel discussion "The Potential of Croatian Chambers and Entrepreneurs in the World - an Example of Australia". We are honored to have the opportunity to host Mr. David Jakić, President of the Australian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, who will talk about the Chamber's way of working as well as  their view  of improving connection  and business with Croatian entrepreneurs. In addition, we will have a first-hand report from the representatives of several Croatian companies exporting to Australia about their experience, while the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will present their activities intended to boost investment in the country.

    Take advantage of the great opportunity for business networking as well as to find out how to place your products and services more easily around the world and how to attract investments! Learn more about this year's program on Meeting G2.4. Sign up for the Conference online!

  • Image for This year, Meeting G2 takes you to Lika

    This year, Meeting G2 takes you to Lika

    12 October

    The first two days of the Meeting Meeting G2.4. we booked for the panels and business meetings, and the third day for the trip to Lika, this time.  We prepared a substantial program in cooperation with the local authorities (County, cities, municipalities and the Tourist Board). We will first visit the premises of Agrovelebit in Lovinac, which produces „Lika potaoes“, followed by lunch in Gospić and a visit to the "Nikola Tesla" Memorial Center in Smiljan and Dr. Ante Starčević Memorial House in Veliki Žitnik. The afternoon hours are booked for a visit to Ličanka Brewery in Donja Bazaar. The trip ends at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, a destination that in addition to gourmet delicacies also offers many outdoor activities. We are ready to welcoming you in a large number and we are looking forward to a new informal gathering! Learn more about this year's program at Meeting G2.4. Sign up online for the conference and take advantage of the opportunity for business networking!

  • Image for Diaspora annually gives Croatia more than foreign investors

    Diaspora annually gives Croatia more than foreign investors

    12 October

    Did you know that Diaspora sends more than two billion euros annually to Croatia? The value of this amount is even more expressive when we know that foreign investments in Croatia are smaller than this amount. For example, according to World Bank data, Diaspora sent more than $ 2.1 billion to Croatia in 2015, while $ 158 million were received in the country through foreign investment. In addition, according to some rough estimates, diaspora investments in Croatia from the 90s to today amounted to over $ 100 billion.