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    Join us at the panel on Croatian delicacies

    3 October

    Croatia is known for good food and many companies have begun to deal with production of various delicacies and beverages in recent years. At Meeting G2.4 there will be a panel on  „Success  goes through the stomach“  with participation of Croatian companies that successfully export their delicacy products to various markets. Some of them are not well known or we are not conscious of their international success. For example, the UP Energy Beverages company produces energy beverages and it distributes them to Chinese market. Equally, Agropošta sells its natural juices in Harrods, the business center with luxury goods in London. Also, Dida Boža/Dalmatia brand fig jam is among the first ten jams in the USA. Representatives of Volim Ljuto company, OPG Chiavalon, Dobro and Bornstein winery will also participate in the panel. You can find more about this year’s program on Meeting G2.4.
    You can register online  and you can take advantage of business connections!

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    Join us at the panel „Croatian Tourism – Out of the box“

    27 September

    Join us at the panel „Croatian Tourism - Out of the box“ For the next Meeting G2.4 we have prepared the "Croatian Tourism - Out of the Box" panel with the goal to discuss how to extend the tourist season and to enrich its offer. Nowadays tourists expect much more than just the sea and sun. Some of them expect adventures, some attend business events, and some others come to practice sports. Our panelists will share their experience in various types of untraditional  tourism. For example, the Croatian Meeting Professionals Association that is making the final arrangements for the MeetEx, the first B2B conference of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibits industry (MICE) for Croatian exhibitors and for international customers. Also the experience of Dreamtime, that organizes amusing and memorable weddings, or the experience of Run Croatia that organizes racing events. In conclusion, there are ideas to please  everyone's needs. Find out who will join this interesting panel on our web site. Sign up online and become part of the “Croatian business representation”.

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    Find out how to coordinate various ICT solutions during a construction project

    21 September

    Are you beginning an investment and starting a construction project or do you plan to start it? You will for sure hire a Systems Integrator (SI), i.e. a company that integrates different hardware and software solutions into an integral solution tailored for the user. At Meeting G2.4. there will be a panel  on “a turn-key basis” or construction in Croatia, during which the importance of selection of a systems integrator for a project will be discussed. In practice, unfortunately, because of initial savings, several SIs are hired, each one implementing its solution which is not connected with the rest. Thus, the solution is nonfunctional and maintenance expenses are considerable. Panelists with long-term experience in implementation of ICT solutions will give you answers on how to ease this process and what decisions to make and when. Sign up online for the Conference and become part of the "Croatian Business Representation".

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    Another Pitch session with 10 Croatian startups

    13 September

    The Meeting G2 Conference is an ideal venue for meeting Croatian startup companies and business people of Croatian origin from different countries around the world. This year, on the first day of the Conference, we will organize a Pitch session with 10 Croatian startups that will join 30 startups presented at previous conferences for successful business people from 26 countries around the world. Startups gain the opportunity to find investors and penetrate the market, and investors have the opportunity to connect with new innovative business approaches. All in all, a win - win combination! Interested startups can apply on the page. Everyone else can sign up for the conference online and thus use the opportunity for business networking!

  • Image for Neb Chupin, owner of the delicious brand Dida Boža, panelist at Meeting G2

    Neb Chupin, owner of the delicious brand Dida Boža, panelist at Meeting G2

    5 September

    Neb Chupin, owner of Hermes International, which manufactures ecological jams and is famous for the brands Dida Boža and Dalmatia on the international market, will participate in the panel "Success goes through the stomach" or delicatessen production in Croatia! We are proud to welcome the owner of this successful company that has been selling various delicatessen jams for the past 20 years and is one of the top 10 companies producing fig jam. Sign up today - online or email!

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    Eminent Croatian companies at Meeting G2

    5 September

    On its panels Meeting G2 each year brings together representatives from numerous Croatian companies. We have so far organized 24 panels, and the companies that are involved come from all relevant industries in Croatia. We proudly point out that over 40 companies (some even several times) have participated in our discussions, such as EC, Privredna banka Zagreb, Deloitte, Rimac Automobiles, Dok-Ing, Biovega, HS, Tehnix, Bernarda beds, Crowe Horwath, Infinum, Agriva, Surf'n'Fries and many others equally important. At this year's Conference as well, we are preparing for you a number of Croatian companies that will take part in our panels. We are counting for 70 days until the beginning of the Conference. Do not miss the opportunity to network and sign up online or email!

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    So far, 26 countries have participated in Meeting G2

    31 August

    Did you know that during the last three MG2 conferences we welcomed over 550 participants, of which more than 150 business people from 26 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Croatia, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Colombia, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, Germany, Paraguay, Peru, United States of America, Slovenia, Switzerland, Great Britain and Venezuela). We believe that this year the number of countires will grow, and we will also get the first participants from Asia. Sign up today - online or email!

  • Image for Don’t miss the “Who’s Who in G2” and join the network

    Don’t miss the “Who’s Who in G2” and join the network

    24 August

    Encouraged by  last year positive experience, on this year conference we'll organize the introductions of the participants entitled "Who's Who in G2". The introductions will take place on the first day, November 12, and the idea is that each participant briefly expresses in one minute the most important information about himself / herself and  his / her business and exchanges a business card with others. This procedure proved to be an excellent platform for the continuation of the event, since the participants could make contact easier during the breaks between panels and they could have a view of the key information about each other. Take your business cards and do not miss the ideal opportunity for networking! Register today - online or by e-mail (! Photo gallery from last year “Who’s Who in G2” session on November 6, 2017.

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    Good winds for tourism – enriching the offer and extending the season!

    24 August

    Our this year "Tourism - Out of the Box" panel on non-traditional forms of tourism with the intention to extend the tourist season is very much in line with the campaign conducted by the Croatian Tourist Board to promote cultural offer, gastronomy and active holidays in the off-season and in fall. The campaign takes place in 11 markets and it uses our well-known brands such as the celebrated football players, or Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors of all times.  Cycling tours on the islands are also promoted, as well as the food produced according to traditional recipes. The slogan "Take a tour of a small country which dreaded to dream" perfectly describes the magic of our country and all it has to offer. We are delighted to be able to talk on this panel about concrete breakthroughs and to make our contributions with ideas beyond the classical tourist offers! Campaugn of the Croatian Tourist Board

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    4 August

     Do you want to be part of the Croatian Business Representation? Book your place at MEETING G2, the central business location of the homeland Croatia and Croatian Diaspora. 4. Conference in succession, 400+ participants from 25+ countries.