Multidisciplinary Team

A multidisciplinary team of Croatians both in our Homeland and abroad whose main goal is to connect business people from Croatia and its diáspora in order to enhance the diaspora’s investment in the Homeland.

Fantastic Quality of Life

Because we know that Croatia has enormous potential which is still to be developed with its already fantastic quality of life and because we believe that Croatia’s population is 8 million people and not just 4.5!

Our Mission

To connect Croatians abroad with people and business opportunities in Croatia via practical online and offline knowledge-sharing, matchmaking and networking forums.

Our Vision

A future where possibilities, opportunities and dreams of doing business with or in the homeland will drive a new era of Croatian economic development, growth and productivity.

Organizing Committee

Hrgetić Josip

[FORUM Zagreb congress center]

Vítols – Hrgetić Mára

[FORUM Zagreb congress center]

Buterin Antun K.

[FORUM Zagreb congress center]

Momčilović Aco

[Rimac Automobili]

Pivarski Goran

[Communication Consultant]

Jones Eugene B.

[Management Consulting]

What`s Meeting G2?

G2 Meeting
The G2 meeting is a conference aimed at networking business people of Croatian origin from all over the world with increasing investment in emigration and export of Croatian products.

Why join G2 Meeting?

Why Join?
• Networking
• New Business Opportunities
• Transfer of knowledge and experience
• Connect with Croatian Chambers worldwide

G2 Program


• Panel on Croatian Exporters
• Croatian entrepreneurs in Austria
• Dating Session - Who Is Who

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