Studer Ruža

I was born in one small village in Lika. In 1978 I came to my family in Switzerland, in Schaffhausen. Ever since I came to Switzerland, I am looking for a Croatian society and I am joining HKUD “Fala”.
After a break from family reasons, in 2005, I return to active social activity, in 2006 I was elected president of HKUD “Fala”. Along with cultural activity, I have always been interested in everything that is related to my Croatian people and homeland. Following the event of Croatian associations in Switzerland, I write for a while for one Croatian portal. In that period, I am familiar with the problems that I encounter with emigration and find that it is difficult to find quality information in one place. That was the main motive that offered me to launch this portal. Cross-linking of Croatians is widespread on all sides of the world, and the main goal is to provide important information about returnees at one place.

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